Next-generation offshore wind turbine tower

SRE is currently studying to invest new production line for manufacturing new generation of Offshore Wind Turbine Tower:

– 10m Diameter Tower;

– Section length upto 60m each;

– Total weight of 450MT each Tower.

SRE collaborates with local and international partners to figure out the solutions to challenges of renewable and green energy development for a sustainable future. SRE has been involving in global innovation of green and renewable energy technology.


  1. Vision

Becoming the leading symbol in Vietnam in green and renewable energy for a sustainable development future.

  1. Mission

Together with domestic and foreign partners, we are dedicated to making the era of green energy and renewable that becoming reality.

  1. Core values

– Aspiration

– Innovation

– Globalization

Research and Development

SRE is setting up supply chain for Wind Energy Section locally in Vietnam and planning for local production of main products:
• Flange;
• Gear & Yaw;
• Nacelle frame.

SRE is also discussing with world leaders of Wind Turbines to assembly partially wind turbine equipments for Wind-Energy Industry.